Spring Design Dual Screen eBook Reader (1 grayscale, 1 color) + Web Browser Intrigues Me

Image courtesy of Spring Design

eBook readers and Google Android are popular blog topics these days. So, Spring Desgin is smart to build a product that combines both techie memes…

Spring Design Announces Dual-Screen, Google Android-based E-book Reader, Hyperlinking Text with Multimedia

And, oh yes, they throw in a dual screen design just to make things even more interesting. As you can see from the photo above, the dual-screen design slightly looks like the Nintendo DS with one screen above the other (insteado f side-by-side). The use of a grayscale screen for a low-power-draw ebook reading experience combined with a full-color second LCD seems like a great idea to me.

Like the Amazon Kindle, the Alex (as this ebook reader model is called) has a 3G wireless capability but adds WiFi to the mix. This Android based device also provides a full web browser. And, it has an SD card slot to provide more storage space. No price is provided in the press release. But, I like the mix of features in this ebook reader more than Amazon’s Kindle. I don’t read enough novels each year to justify buying an ebook reader in the $200+ price range. But Spring Design’s mix of features is the kind of thing that might change my mind.

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