Spring Design Gets a Patent for Dual Screen eReader Design

Spring Design, a tiny Calif. based eReader company, is moving forward with its plans to license its technology. It was awarded US Patent 7,926,072 this week, and here’s the key part:

Methods for controlling complementary dual displays for use with an electronic device are presented including: receiving an input for display on a non-native display, where the input includes a native user interface (UI) input and a non-native UI input, and where the non-native display is a bistable, low frame rate display; …

Spring Design never amounted to much as an OEM, unfortunately, because its eReader simply cost too much. It started at $350 and never got much cheaper. in comparison, the Nook was selling for $259 at the time.

But the most interesting detail about this isn’t the patent itself. Amazon also has a patent on a dual screen eReader design (the original Kindle), which was granted in July 2010. Do you recall how everyone wrote posts about how the Amazon patent threatened the Nook? It seems almost laughable now, but that’s what most were saying at the time.

Obviously that is no longer a concern. B&N and Spring Design settled the lawsuit a few months back and B&N will now be able to use this patent to protect itself.

via CrunchGear

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