Sprinklr Hires New CMO: Thomas Butta

Sprinklr, a Facebook Marketing Partner, now has a new Chief Marketing Officer: Thomas Butta, formerly the Consultant-in-Residence at Andreessen Horowitz.

Sprinklr, a Facebook Marketing Partner, now has a new Chief Marketing Officer: Thomas Butta, formerly the Consultant-in-Residence at Andreessen Horowitz.

At Andreeson Horowitz, Butta helped define the venture capital firm’s points of view as a guide for Fortune 2000 companies and entrepreneurs. Previously, Butta was CMO of AppNexus, where he build a brand platform that helped drive revenue. Through his consultancy, 21Weeks, he has also helped companies become acquired by major corporations — such as Opsware by HP, and Platform Computing and StoredIQ, both by IBM.

Butta will be based in New York and lead Sprinklr’s global marketing organization as the company expands its offerings.

Ragy Thomas, Sprinklr CEO and founder, welcomed Butta to the company:

Tom has served as CMO for some of the world’s most pioneering private and public enterprise software companies, including those that fundamentally transformed their industries and inspired entire marketplaces. We have similar ambitions for Sprinklr, and Tom’s leadership will help put the company and our customers in a position to capitalize on that opportunity. As an experienced CMO, Tom knows firsthand the challenges that marketers face in the age of an empowered and connected customer. That unique perspective will make him all the more valuable as the internal voice of, and external voice to, our clients.

Butta is excited to get started with Sprinklr:

Today’s marketers face a new paradigm for engaging with their customers, but they don’t yet have the tools to truly know, understand, or communicate with them one-on-one – let alone on a global scale. Sprinklr is changing that. The world’s most successful brands put the customer experience at the center of their enterprise, and Sprinklr is the only software company that can provide them with a singular, unified platform for managing interactions with their customers across all touchpoints and experiences.

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