Sprout Launches Publisher To Help Page Admins Create Engaging Content

Yesterday Sprout launched Sprout publisher, a new tool which enables Facebook Page administrators to create interactive content right within their page. The content is then published directly to your stream. You can publish coupons and well as other forms of interactive content. This is the type of Facebook Pages solution I’ve been waiting to see. Rather than having to go load up tons of applications to customize your page, you can modify everything from within your Facebook Page publisher.

While coupons are the only thing that can be generated from within the publisher right now, Sprout plans to launch a number of other services in the near future. The company is heavily focused on services for Facebook Pages and the strategy may just work out as the quality of content the company is creating is top notch. For example, the company built us our Facebook Page landing tab using the Sprout Builder, an interactive studio for creating branded content, including Facebook page content.

There are a number of other companies providing advanced Facebook Page customization services including Wildfire and Inovlver but Sprout appears to have the most robust studio for letting users create their own content that I’ve seen yet. All of these companies offer more robust services as well in which they cooperate with brands to create custom solutions.

Ultimately the ability to create customized content from the Facebook publisher is an important feature for any application and the new Sprout publisher is a testament to that. In my 30 Days to 3,000 Fans program I’ve highlighted the importance of creating engaging content, and the Sprout publisher helps you do just that. It will be interesting to see what new features Sprout rolls out for this new tool over the coming weeks and months. If you want to try out the Sprout Publisher on your page, you can go install it here.