Spy vs. Anti-Spy(ware) on the BlackBerry: Mobile Spy vs. Kisses

Hmm, for some reason it appears to be raining BlackBerry spyware this week.

The first came to my attention by way of a conventional press release announcing the availability of the $99.97 (od price, IMHO)…

BlackBerry Mobile Spy

…from Retina-X Studios. It requires the installation of software on a BlackBerry which works with a network service to record SMS messaging, call activities, and GPS location. GPS location is noted every 30 minutes. The person doing the spying can login to a website to see the recorded information. Retina-X claims the software is hidden from the user of the bugged phone.

The second BlackBerry spyware was noted by CNET…

US-CERT warns about free BlackBerry spyware app

This free spyware app was written by a security researcher attempting to point out the dangers of stealth apps for phones. Unlike Mobile Spy, this demonstration spyware is not hidden from the phone’s user. The researcher, Sheran Gunasekera, also provides a piece of anti-spyware for the BlackBerry…


…which is described like this: Kisses detects and displays any hidden programs or processes that are on your BlackBerry handheld. It can be used to detect spyware that hides itself from view. I wonder if it can detect Retina-X’s Mobile Spy?