THR Editor Headed to New York Magazine

Stacey Wilson Hunt has been with our sister publication for six years.

It’s always fun for us here at Adweek and Mediabistro to relate a success story that involves our site.

Stacey Wilson Hunt (pictured), the awards and special projects editor for The Hollywood Reporter, is joining New York magazine. She got the THR job after responding to an ad posted on The details of the job interview that followed, and more, are in this afternoon’s memo from Janice Min:

I’m sorry to say (but happy for her) that Stacey Wilson will be leaving us in two weeks to become Hollywood editor for New York magazine and Vulture starting October 19.

As most of you know, Stacey has been, for the past 6 years (before most of us even got here), a tireless producer of just about anything and everything here. Want Oprah with Ava DuVernay at a shoot on Friday? Done. A roundtable with Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham? Done. And the list goes on and on. I’ve deeply admired her ability to take on any task – the good, the bad, the glamorous, and the horrible – that I, you and we have thrown her way. Whether she has months or minutes to produce a rabbit out of a hat, she more often than not will. She has an incredible work ethic and drive to succeed that have been an integral part of what has made The Hollywood Reporter succeed.

I asked Stacey to put together a few notes about her time here that I thought I’d share. She moved here from NYC and Portland, where she was a freelancer for People and Portland Monthly magazine. Six years later, she answered a Mediabistro ad for an Associate Features Editor position here. She tracked down the hiring editor – Stephen Galloway – who invited her down for an interview.

Among many other things, Stephen tested her awareness of Hollywood by quizzing Stacey on all the heads of the studios at the time (“I got 7 out of 10”). He also asked her what her favorite movie was. “I was going to say something fancy and high falutin’ like 400 Blows,” she recalls, “but instead I told the truth. Back to the Future of course.” Despite the fact that she didn’t answer with the title of a Zhang Yimou movie, Galloway still hired her.

Lesley Goldberg (then a copy editor) also got a chance to meet with Stacey before she was hired, and asked her what kind of people she liked working with.

“I was going to say ‘funny and smart’ but instead said ‘I like fart people,’” says Stacey. “Thus began my tenure at THR.”

Here’s to even more “fart people” – the New York City variety – at her new job, but not before Stacey is sent off in proper fashion. Details to come.

Meanwhile, a big congratulations, and we’ll miss you Stacey.


Ha ha. Love the Zhang Yimou crack. In 2013, Wilson married writer-comedian Kris Hunt, an event that was reported by THR.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.