Stack Is Like Pandora Meets Maghound For Indie Mags

We love this: Stack, a “curated subscription service” from the UK, is launching in America.

Much like Maghound, users pay a yearly fee to have multiple magazines sent to them. Unlike Maghound, Stack users can’t choose their titles. Instead, the service selects the best from indie publications—so it’s always a surprise.

Andrew Losowsky, CEO of New England-based Stack America, explains: “There’s a huge wealth of independent magazines made in America, and there are lots of readers who want to get hold of them. But there are problems of marketing and distribution—small magazines find it hard to promote themselves effectively, and with many Americans living out of reach of a good magazine store, it can often be impossible for people to discover and pick up new titles.”

You may notice that the prices are slightly different than Maghound’s too.

For three magazines per month for a year at Maghound, you’ll pay $60. For six magazines a year at Stack, you’ll pay $71.99. Ouch.

But where else can you get an issue of Meatpaper, Stack America’s inaugural selection? (The Washington Post called it “arty, cheeky, ironic” and “very strange but curiously refreshing.”)

And for indie publishers this service could be the ticket to the big time—or at least to being able to pay the rent.

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