Stampsy is Now Available in Apple’s App Store

Stampsy, a social networking entity that bills itself as “the sharing platform for people who produce compelling digital media content,” has introduced an iOS app that lets you create multimedia magazines called “Stamps”.

The app is designed for creative professionals to create and share their digital mark by building “stamps.” Stamps are built out of photos and text which are placed into a customizable frame without having to know programming language. Stamps can then be exported and shared with friends.

“These days everyone’s got a story to tell and the web is full of people who want to show their content to the widest possible audience,” explained Roman Mazurenko, founder & CEO of Stampsy, in a statement. “What’s missing is a way to organize and share this rich media material in one place. So, we built Stampsy around the idea of allowing users to become their own media channel, and everything we do is geared to letting unique creative voices flourish.”

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