Star Wars: The Force Awakens Drives More Than 2.4 Million Tweets

New data from Wayin breaks down millions of tweets about Star Wars from the past seven days.

Ahead of the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in theaters on Dec. 18, Wayin, a social display and intelligence company, has determined which parts of the U.S. have the largest Star Wars fan base, as measured by recent activity on Twitter.

According to Wayin, there have been almost 2.4 million tweets about Star Wars in the last week, with 84 percent of those being ‘positive’ in sentiment. These tweets include those using specific hashtags (#StarWars, #TheForceAwakens, #StarWarsTheForceAwakens or #TheForce), and those tweets containing the words ‘Star Wars.’

Wayin Star Wars

‘Trailer’ was the biggest buzz word about the movie on Twitter last week, with the word ‘trailer’ appearing in over 584,000 of those 2.4 million tweets in the last seven days. The most recent trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens debuted on October 19.

Wayin Star Wars

In the last week, three out of every four users tweeting about Star Wars were male. Of the more than one million male and female authors tweeting about Star Wars in the last week, each author generated 2.1 posts on average.

Overall, Wayin’s data showed the east and south coasts of the U.S. have a larger Star Wars fan base than the west coast.

Wayin Star Wars

Jordan Slabaugh, vice president at Wayin, told SocialTimes:

The power of social persuasion is relatively new to the film industry, but has had significant effects on marketing campaigns around upcoming films. The Star Wars franchise has seen firsthand the impact social media has on building pre-release hype. During the time period of Star Wars Episode V in 1980, the first Star Wars film released to theaters, there was no social media to help rally fans and drive ticket sales in this way. It is crazy to see how marketing technologies and strategies have evolved over time.

Advances in the movie industry, like the ability to stream movies to your home theater screens, have presented new challenges for film-makers and their marketing teams to fill movie theater seats. Luckily, the introduction of social marketing has come at a very convenient time for movie-makers as they compete with streaming services.

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