Starbucks’ New ‘Pick of the Week’ Free eBook Not Going so Well

If you’ve ever bought a drink at Starbucks then you probably know about its promotions, including “Pick of the Week.” For some time now Starbucks has been giving away a free mp3 each week to customers.

Earlier this week Starbucks expanded the program to include eBooks. The first eBook to be given away is by Erin Morgenstein, and it’s called Night Circus. The free eBook, like the free mp3s, can be downloaded with a promo code that you can find on a card in stores.

Unfortunately, the program is getting off to a rocky start. Starbucks customers have already responded on the Starbucks blog with complaints that some stores didn’t know about the new program and others had run out of the promo cards.

And then there’s the customer who downloaded the free eBook only to discover that it is only an excerpt, not the entire book.

Maybe you should make it clear to the customers that this “Offer” is only for an “Extended Sample” of the book and not the complete version of the book.

I downloaded the book using a redemption code, and was only given 330 pages out of 400 pages of the book, with the last page telling me to purchase the complete book.

The problem here is that there’s no way to tell that the eBook is only a sample until after you download it. I would think that would tend to defeat the purpose of the freebie. I mean, how popular do you think the “Pick of the Week” would be if Starbucks only offered half of a song on each mp3?