Stay On Top Of Android App Changes

If you have a significant number of apps on your Android phone you likely see frequent app update notifications. Each app in the Android Market has a section for what is new in the latest release, but tracking that information down for each app can be a chore using either the phone or a desktop computer. Changelog Droid is a free app that monitors the app updates that occur and provides a consolidated view of what has changed in all of the apps recently updated on your phone.

The next time that you install an app update after installing Changelog Droid on your phone you will see a notification, which you can tap to open Changelog as you see in the screen shot. Applications appear in the list in the order in which there were updated on your phone, and you see the description of what has changed for each app that is available in the Android Market.

If you tap on the change information in Changelog Droid you will see a pop-up menu with buttons to open the app, load the Android Market, open the app in the application manager, and refresh the information. One thing I do notice is that it can take a noticable amount of time for a refresh to complete if there have been of apps updated.

The settings for Changelog Droid provide options for controlling how much information the app stores and how long it is kept and whether to display notifications. By default Changelog Droid does not display updates to system apps, but I think you will want to change that setting because otherwise you won’t see updates to some of apps from Google like Maps and Gmail.

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