Stephanopoulos’s Dream is to Take the Gamble

ABC’s GMA host George Stephanopoulous has a yang for poker. And this week he gets the chance to indulge.

Anchors today revealed details about the upcoming series, “Living The Dream.” The series, which has taken the anchors to destinations around the country on their dream adventures, airs Monday, May 3 to Friday, May 7.

Stephanopoulos’s segment airs on Wednesday.

Apparently the newsman fancies himself to be a pretty good poker player. So how will he stack up against the pros at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City? After receiving pointers from Annie Duke, among the world’s top players, he takes on legendary Phil Hellmuth, Jr., who has won a record 11 World Series of Poker championships, Steven Begleiter; Jason Lee; and Duke in the game of a lifetime. Ali Nejad provides the play-by-play commentary of George’s dream game.