Stephen Hawking’s First App: Snapshots of the Universe

It’s a renaissance for physics – first Neil deGrass Tyson’s sudden internet popularity and now this app from Stephen Hawkins, which is just as inspiring as looking at starry skies.

It’s definitely not anywhere near the breadth of Hawking’s A Brief History of Time, but a perfect way to gingerly dip your toes into physics – it’s a beginner’s set of information, designed and detailed to be instructional and fun. You’ll learn about black holes, the movement of stars, relativity, gravity, and much more.

For $4.99, the interactive iPad app offers the following:

Based on the work and writings of Stephen Hawking, this app teaches both adults and students the basic theories that govern our lives on Earth as well as the movement of the stars and planets. You can play and learn at the same time in each of the eight experiments included in Snapshots of the Universe:
– Spin planets in orbit with your own solar system
– Drop objects with Galileo to learn about gravity
– Let Einstein feel some G-force in outer space
– Search for black holes in the constellation of Leo
– Discover Einstein’s warped worldview

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