The Steve Jobs Movie Includes Historical Cameos by These 12 Tech Brands (Besides Apple)

The film opens nationwide Oct. 23

The eponymous Steve Jobs movie, which stars Michael Fassbender as Apple's iconic co-founder, is like a history lesson in digital brands. Eschewing the typical biopic format, the film, which will be released nationally on Oct. 23, takes place in the hours shortly before three major product launches—1984's Macintosh, 1988's NeXT's Black Cube and 1998's iMac. 

Adweek got an early look at the film on Saturday evening and took note of which companies in our industry were name-dropped. (Coincidentally, the film mentions Adweek in connection to our reporting on Apple's classic "1984" TV commercial and includes scenes that ad players will love—particularly, a couple of moments of tension over the hallowed Macintosh-launching Super Bowl ad.)

The 12 tech brands you'll hear about if you see the movie are:

• Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Xerox, Nixie Watch, Microsoft and Windows, Sun Microsystems, Dell, Canon, Panasonic, Tensor Lamp, Newton PDA and Walkman.

Some brands, like IBM, aren't surprising. Others, like the Nixie Watch, which (spoiler alert) much to Job's chagrin of Seth Rogen's Steve Wozniak, are a fun blast from the past.

And others, like the Newton PDA and the Walkman, show Jobs' business savvy. The film depicts Jobs simply telling the CEO who famously fired him, John Sculley, that the Newton PDA, a product he famously loathed, didn't work because it had a stylus problem. The Walkman, which Jobs' daughter carries around throughout the film, was too clunky for his taste—and of course the film hints at the iPod, with Jobs promising his daughter he'll put 1000 songs in her pocket. 

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