Steve Malzberg Out at WOR, Replaced by Former Governor David Paterson

The tenure of conversative talker Steve Malzberg at WOR Radio is over. Malzberg was replaced today by former New York Governor David Paterson.

Starting next week, Paterson will take over the 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. slot in New York and across the country on the WOR Radio Network.

“When he started filling in, I think [WOR managment] they fell in love with him,” Malzberg tells FishbowlNY. “[Paterson] impressed a lot of people.”

Paterson, since leaving Albany in late 2010, has also been a fill-in radio host on 77 WABC and WFAN.

Malzberg says he doesn’t get surprised much by the industry.

“I’m not totally shocked,” Malzberg says. “They decided to go in a completely different direction.”

Overall, Malzberg has fond memories from his time with WOR.

“It was a great four-year run on afternoon drive,” Malzberg reflects.

During that run, the passionate host stayed competitive with WABC powerhouse Sean Hannity.

“The ratings, naturally, in the summer months go down…Across the board, except for [John] Gambling, the station ratings had gone down.”

Malzberg, though, was convinced his show would be rejuvenated in the fall.

“I had no doubt [the ratings] were going to pick up, heading into an election year, come September when everybody gets back into it,” Malzberg says.

Now, Malzberg is poised for the next portion of his career. He’ll be filling in at several stations around the country, and encourages fans to stay updated on his website:

“I never want to leave New York,” Malzberg says. “June 11 will be 30 years [in the business]. I’d like to be able to be on the air somewhere in New York to celebrate.”    

A large chuck of those three decades was spent at WABC, where Malzberg made a name for himself. He’d return “home” in a heartbeat.

“I grew up at WABC,” Malzberg says. “I would absolutely love to go back to WABC.”

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