StoneLoops (marble shooter) iPhone Game Pulled Because of Competitor’s Complaints

After completing Glu Mobile’s excellent Bonsai Blast marble shooter game, I waited around to see if Glu would provide more levels or introduce a Bonsai Blast 2 game. When that didn’t happen, I found Codeminion’s excellent StoneLoops of Jurassica marble shooter game. It doesn’t have the same repeat playability enjoyment factor as Bonsai Blast (IMHO) but was an excellent game from start to finish. So, I am saddened to learn that Stoneloops was forcibly pulled from the iTunes App Store because of the request of a competing game publisher…

Where is StoneLoops? Or how to get rid of your competition in the Apple AppStore?

The competitor, MumboJumbo’s…

Luxor 1.1 (iTunes App Store)

…is taking quite a bit of heat for this move. The overall customer rating for the Luxor app is 3.5 stars (out of 5). But, the average review of the current version is 2 stars (only 16 reviews so far). Many of the comments showing up on the app’s page refers to StoneLoops being pulled from the App Store. Will this maneuver backfire on MumboJumbo?

Via StoneLoops! Of Jurassica Pulled From The App Store At MumboJumbo’s Request