Stop Callin’, Elisabeth Hasselbeck

After Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s bitchy remarks about Erin Andrews blew up in her face, the co-host of The View went into damage control mode and made a tearful on-air apology. Hasselbeck said she was sorry for hurting Andrews’ feelings and would like to give her a call and talk about it. What Hasselbeck didn’t do was retract her nasty remarks suggesting that because Andrews had recently been the victim of a sexual predator, she shouldn’t be on Dancing With the Stars wearing skimpy costumes.

Not much of an apology.

Last night after performing on DWTS, Andrews spoke with Extra about the drama:

“I heard what she had to say on ‘The View’ and I listened to everything she said… she called me. I didn’t speak with her,” and it doesn’t seem like Andrews has any plans to speak with Hasselbeck anytime soon. “I’m just gonna leave it at that and move on,” she said about the attempted phone call.

Eh, we wouldn’t want to talk to her either.

But something good has come out of all this. The outpouring of support Andrews received after the incident show that while Hasselbeck may not understand why attempting to make the victim of a sexual predator feel ashamed and embarrassed isn’t okay, much of the public and the media does. And that is kind of awesome.