Store Reward Card Barcodes On Android Phones

In a previous post I wrote about a number of ways that a smartphone can help with shopping. Today I learned about two Android apps, CardStar and Key Ring that you can use to store all of your different reward cards. In most cases all that is needed on the card is the bar code, which the cashier scans when you check out. With Key Ring you can scan the barcodes on the cards and store the barcodes on your phone, then when you checkout, have the cashier scan the barcode on your phone. The following video provides tips for using Key Ring at stores.

CardStar works the same way as Key Ring, however in my testing I found that CardStar is not able to scan bar codes off of my reward cards, but you can manually enter the number at the bottom of the bar code. If you are interested in seeing more about how CardStar works, check out Androinica’s video.