Storm8 expanding its social mobile casino lineup with Bingo!

Mobile social game developer Storm8 is about to launch Bingo!, its newest social casino game under the its Shark Party brand.

Bingo! is being launched under Storm8’s Shark Party brand (which is focused on social casino games). The company was started in 2009 by former employees of Facebook and bootstrapped by its founders, but the company proved immediately profitable. Co-founder and CEO Perry Tam tells us, “The advantage to [being bootstrapped] is that we can focus 100 percent of our efforts on building our business – and that is to be the best in any game or category we pursue. Being self-funded puts us in control of our destiny.”

Back in November, Storm8 announced it had surpassed over 400 million downloads on mobile devices. The developer’s first casino game was Slots, which has consistently been listed in the top 100 grossing apps on iTunes  since it launched this Spring.

This new social casino title comes just a month after Storm8 launched its match-3 title Jewel Mania for mobile devices. That game’s been performing even better than Slots, as it’s still within the top 100 charts for both Top grossing and top free titles on both iPhone and iPad.

Currently, Storm8 has its own label, as well as three different game brands: Shark Party, TeamLava and FireMocha. Each of these brands cater to different types of gamers, with the first two focusing on different types of casual players and FireMocha targeting more mid-core or harcore players. Tam tells us each of these brands’ games are designed to be free-to-play, supported by in-app purchases. The Storm8 brand is used for the company’s more popular massively multiplayer online titles like World War and iMobsters.

Even though Storm8 is expanding its catalog of social mobile casino games, the company isn’t interested in pursuing real-money gaming. Tam tells us, “Storm8’s business model remains focused on growing our mobile social games; we don’t have plans to expand into real-money gaming at this time.”

 Bingo! is set to launch on iOS tomorrow, Dec. 20. Tam tells us there are plans for an Android version of the game; the mobile builds of the title will allow Facebook connectivity, but an open web or desktop version isn’t in development right now.