Storm8 Launches Bakery Story 2 on iOS, Android

The simulation game allows players to build a bakery and create dishes by collecting the necessary ingredients.

Mobile game company Storm8 has announced the release of Bakery Story 2 on iOS and Android devices. The game is the sequel to the original Bakery Story from 2010, which has been downloaded more than 75 million times. Bakery Story 2 allows players to build their own bakery and create treats to sell to customers.

In Bakery Story 2, players create recipes by collecting the proper ingredients, including things like flour, sugar, eggs and strawberries, among others. These items can be purchased at the game’s shops, like the general store and fruit stand, with new ingredients, as well as stores, becoming available as players progress. As players purchase ingredients, stores may ‘sell out,’ and users must wait for these items to be restocked. Once dishes are prepared (they take time to complete), they can be served on display counters, and take time to sell to customers.

While players begin with basic ovens, as they purchase new appliances, like a fancy oven or stove, as examples, they’ll unlock new sets of recipes to create.

Bakery Story 2 Screenshots

Gamers can hold a limited number of individual ingredients in their pantry, but can upgrade this pantry to hold more items by spending key collectibles like ‘thank you’ notes (earned from happy customers) and parts earned from filling to-go orders. This to-go orders feature unlocks once players reach Level 7.

Users can spend their coins to unlock new recipes, or to expand their bakery to hold more tables, chairs, ovens, appliances, display counters and decorations. Players can also customize their bakery’s appearance with new flooring and wallpaper, with many of the game’s items, across all categories, locked to specific levels.

While free-to-play, Bakery Story 2 allows players to spend premium currency to speed up the timers for cooking and selling recipes or expanding their bakery, as examples. Users can also spend premium currency on missing ingredients for recipes, or the parts they need to upgrade things like their pantry size or the stores around town. Upgrading stores increases the quantity of each ingredient they’ll have on hand after each restock.

Bakery Story 2 Screenshots

For social features, players can connect to Facebook and ask their Facebook friends for ‘Quick Serve’ items, which can be used to quickly serve items from counters. In a future update, the game will allow players to visit their Facebook friends’ bakeries.

In a statement, Storm8 CEO, Perry Tam, commented:

Bakery Story has been a player favorite for five years, and our team has perfected the recipe for fun with Bakery Story 2. The combination of stunning art and challenging gameplay with a lighthearted love story will keep Bakery Story 2 players enthralled every time they have a free moment to play.

Bakery Story 2 is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.