Storm8 launches third-party mobile games publishing business

Image via Storm8

Storm8, a leader in the mobile social gaming space, announced today the launch of Storm8 Publishing, a third-party publishing business that will provide marketing, distribution, live operations, monetization, and design expertise to game developers looking to add their promising titles to the service.

“Our first launch partner is Mad Head Limited, and we’re bringing their game Tower of Saviors to the U.S. and renaming it War of Dragons,” says Perry Tam, Storm8 CEO. “We expect this to be a really, really big hit, as it’s already a very big hit in the Eastern world.”

Boasting 8 million global downloads (as Tower of Saviors), Storm8’s design optimization helped gear War of Dragons toward Western audiences, helping the title instantly jump into the App Store’s Top 25 Free Apps charts within the first week of availability in both Canada and Australia.

“With Storm8, we bring value to the ecosystem, says Tam. “First of all, we have a huge network of users, with 50 million monthly active users. Also, our users are all gamers and they are all very dedicated gamers eager to try new games. So I think  that by itself brings a lot of value to our partners.

“In the last 12 months, we’ve consistently had at least five titles in the Top 100 Grossing chart. That proves that not only do we have a huge network, but our users are highly monetizable. In the past, we have built all of our games, and I think our expertise and everything that we’ve learned throughout the years making our own games will make for a strong collaborative effort with our partners who join the program. Being around the block for such a long time in a very young industry, we believe that we have much more to offer our partners in terms of marketing, packaging, distribution, and gameplay, as well as relationships that we have built in the past that we can now leverage.”

And seeing that Storm8’s games have been downloaded over 600 million times since the company launched just a few years ago, Tam’s point rings loud and true.

Adds Tam: “The key thing that people should know about Storm8, and what I think really differentiates us from other developers, is we take a network approach. We pay lots of attention building up our network, and we have a network of over 200 million devices. So what we really want to do is find genres that have multiple hit opportunities. So when you look at our portfolio, you will see that it’s a very well-balanced and diversified approach. We have 40 hit titles and they span across five different genres. There’s no one game that accounts for the lion’s share of our revenue or our user base.

“Given the traction of the company, the network, and also the monetization and all of our expertise, we’ve really been able to develop a special program here that enables us to work with all of our partners and give them lots of value. We encapsulate a wide range of genres, so from our perspective, what we’re looking for now are just some really great games to bring to our network of users. It’s a really exciting time for Storm8.”

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