Story of Amazing Race Producer’s Murder Takes Strange Twist

Earlier this week, news outlets around the world reported that Amazing Race producer Jeff Rice had been poisoned to death after a confrontation with a gang of “thugs” in Uganda. However, Uganda Police Force officials are denying that account after a toxicology report revealed Rice OD’d on cocaine. Rice’s production assistant Katheryne Fuller, who is currently in a coma, was also found to have cocaine in her system. Uganda police also say they discovered heroin in Rice’s hotel room.

“There was no struggle. These were two people in their room and there was not a single sign of a struggle. Not even a single bruise on Rice’s body,” Uganda Police Force spokesman Asuman Mugenyi told ABC News.

Police are suggesting Rice and Fuller were involved in a drug smuggling attempt gone bad. Why exactly a successful producer working on no less than two hit shows–The Amazing Race and Whale Wars–would suddenly decide to become a drug mule, they couldn’t explain.

Not a stretch to think we’re going to hear plenty more about this story in the days and weeks ahead.

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