StoryKit is Recommended Children’s App of the Week

StoryKit by ICDL Foundation is today’s Recommended Children’s App of the Week. The iPhone app is free tool that lets you and your child create your own digital storybooks.

The app is great for toddlers and older kids alike. You can use it to write text, create digital drawings, capture audio recordings and take photos and then assemble all of these pieces to make your own storybooks. Here is more from the app’s description:

The application includes four public domain children’s books that you can rewrite and rearrange into your own new story. These are scans of the original bound books that have been specially processed for use on the iPhone. Take ‘The Three Bears’ and make them four. Rewrite ‘The Three Little Pigs’ with the wolf as the victim. Or, start with a blank book and write whatever story is on your minds.

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