Goodbye Information Overload: Digs Out The Best Links From Your Twitter Connections

Twitter is simply a deluge of information. Links, thoughts, images pour in non-stop, sending your timeline into a flurry of activity every time it’s refreshed.

Enter This cute and simple app condenses all of the links shared by the people you’re interested in on Twitter, and only shows you the most popular ones. So instead of sifting through the 500 links in your timeline in the past hour and a half, you’re served only the juiciest, most-shared, and most-retweeted morsels. is currently in beta, but you can request early access by visiting their website (and tweeting to them @strawberryapp couldn’t hurt!).

Once you’ve got an account, a fuzzy little bee will trawl through all of the links shared by the people and accounts you’re connected to on Twitter. When he’s done his busy-bee work, he’ll show you a list of all of the link shared, and another of those most popular.

Each link includes the number of times it was mentioned in a unique tweet. So you might notice that the links in your “Real-Time” stream – which includes all links shared on Twitter – might have one or three mentions. But the ones in your “Popular” tab will have much more.

One of the great things about is that it doesn’t look at only your timeline to pick out the most popular links being shared. It can also search through your lists, saved searches and hashtags.

It’s very easy to get lost browsing, going through all of the popular links one-by-one. Oh, nine people have shared that story about Facebook’s latest changes? I’ve got to read that. And five of my connections are talking about the upcoming elections? That article must be a must-read!

But isn’t one of those time-waster Twitter apps that you’ll use once, laugh a bit, and move on. It’ much more than that.

After you’ve spent a few hours on Twitter, you’ll quickly realize that it isn’t just a social network – in fact, it’s vice president of engineering believes that it is an information network. Millions of links are sent each day on Twitter, ranging from someone’s new-found favorite chocolate mousse recipe to breaking news of political revolts half-way across the world. bridges this social/informational gap. It’s a powerful tool to get at the heart of what’s being shared right now on Twitter, without requiring hours of digging on your part.

Give it a try!

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