A Magazine Stamped by the Age of Instagram

The New York Times samples Street Dreams magazine.

Operated out of Vancouver, British Columbia and New York, Street Dreams magazine comes out four times a year.

Per an item by New York Times news assistant and Web producer Valeriya Safronova, it’s all about digital curation:

In each issue, they feature six photographers: three women and three men whose Instagram followings range from about 3,000 to more than 50,000. The second half of the magazine is filled with photos that they crowd-source from Instagram by inviting users to submit photos using thehashtag #streetdreamsmag, which has been tagged on more than 1.8 million posts.

The magazine has partnered along the way with Mashable, the Tribeca Film Festival and Coach. The current issue (#006) had a small print run of just 800; the digital download version sells for $8 Canadian/$6 U.S.

Street Dreams is the brainchild of Steven Irby, Eric Veloso and Michael Cobarrubia. Read the rest of Safronova’s piece here.

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