Striiv Introduces Their Fitness Gadget With Motivation To Make You Move

Like a lot of people, I need to exercise more, and like a lot of geeks, I have turned to a gadget to increase my interest in exercise. Based on Todd’s use of the Fitbit, I picked one up at the beginning of the summer, but frankly, while I am walking more I haven’t developed a daily routine. Perhaps I have the wrong gadget? If that is the case, Striiv is bringing a gadget to market that may be more appealing.

Striiv is similar to Fitbit in that it’s designed to count your steps to measure how much one walks. The device, however, has a larger LCD display to show more information and the service includes additional motivational measures like donations to charity and game play to go beyond tracking and reporting your exercise.

In a partnership with GlobalGiving, every step that a Striiv user takes counts towards a donation to charity. Game play rewards activity, for example, in one game called MyLand your island grows with plants, buildings, and creatures as Striiv records your activity. Users will also have the ability to earn badges that equate to certain distances, like walking the Golden Gate bridge. Striiv claims that their technology can accurately sense if you are walking, running, or climbing stairs.

The Striiv device costs $99 is scheduled to ship on October 15. The company has not provided information about where the Striiv device can be bought beyond their web site.