Student Social Network Gets $7 Million in Funding

Grockit, an up-and-coming social network for students, has just received $7 million in its latest round of funding. In previous rounds, Grockit received funding from Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn and Mark Pincus, founder and CEO of Zynga. Led by Atlas Venture, the current round of funding also saw previous investors Integral Capital Partners and Benchmark Capital contribute.

Grockit is a student-central social network, with a twist: rather than simply closing its doors to the harsh judgement of parents and employers, Grockit instead focuses on student academics. It’s not about providing a private space for students to share their most shameful summer shenanigans; it’s a study space.

Grockit has three strategies to help students study: providing modules for individual study, peer study groups, and expert instruction. Students can begin by filling out a survey that identifies their academic strengths and weaknesses, access expert guidance, and use Grockit’s live chat to help, get help from, or even compete with their peers in specific areas of study. And a social network just wouldn’t be complete without community points and achievement boards to identify how well the students are doing in comparison to one another.

Founded in 2006 by Princeton Review Teacher of the Year Farb Nivi, this San Francisco-based social network leverages the Internet’s social elements to expand learning outside the classroom, and connect students to one another. According to Nivi, “It is widely accepted that digital media is an important tool for the future of education and we are committed to bringing this to students everywhere in a fun, accessible way.”