Studio 360 Launches Contest to Re-Brand July 4th

Fresh off their giving Valentine’s Day the business and smoothing out gay pride’s wrinkles, the radio program Studio 360 has apparently found their favorite attention-getting niche and have launched another “redesign an iconic thing” contest, this time asking their listeners and readers to re-imagine July 4th, in particular, Uncle Sam and the National Anthem. Like before, they’ve asked people to post their submissions to Flickr (this time also to YouTube for the National Anthem part). We’ve been made positively giddy (not an easy task) from the entries they’ve received in the aforementioned previous contests and we’re hoping you submit something if just to create immense pleasure for us (also, they usually have a celebrity judge come on to award the winner, so there’s some extra incentive, if just making us happy doesn’t do it for you). Here’s their on-air request:

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