Studio One Networks Creates Content for P&G

Web content syndicator Studio One Networks has rolled out a new editorial offering–Life & Beauty Weekly—created specifically for Procter & Gamble.

The new Life & Beauty content, aimed at women aged 21 to 34, consists of service-oriented information on topics such as health, beauty, nutrition and family. Studio One has tapped journalist Beth James, a regular contributor to magazines such as Self, The Oprah Magazine, Shape and Good Housekeeping, to serve as managing editor of Life & Beauty Weekly.

Studio One is planning to distribute Life & Beauty Weekly to its 500 partners, which include several local TV stations managed by Fox, ABC, CBS and NBC, as well as AOL and Yahoo. To date, 175 sites have signed on board.

Plus, Studio One and P&G have built a destination site for the new brand, Currently, P&G’s Head & Shoulders brand is serving as the site’s official sponsor.