Study: 57% of Users Say They’ll Use Apps More Often in the Future

New data from Localytics reveals users' expectations when engaging with apps.

Localytics, a lifecycle engagement platform for mobile and Web apps, has released its latest research, focused on the attention span of app users. The study of 1,000 smartphone owners revealed 92 percent of consumers expect to use apps as much as they do now (35 percent), or even more in the future (57 percent), but they’re also easily bored and will delete apps they feel are not valuable.

The research showed users will try a new app 4.5 times, on average, before deciding to delete it due to either boredom or a ‘lack of perceived value.’ These ‘fickle’ users exhibit one of three common behaviors revealed in the study. Other users fall into ‘hyperactive’ or ‘impulsive’ behavior groups, where hyperactive users will launch a variety of apps 15 times per day, on average, and will use an average of 18 apps per month, while impulsive users exhibit more ‘snacking’ behavior, and will complete short app sessions in several apps per day.

Localytics Average App Use

Specifically, 66 percent of respondents said they ‘snack’ on social media apps, while 57 percent snack on weather apps, 49 percent snack on gaming apps, and 43 percent snack on sports apps.

Of the 57 percent of users who said they expect to use apps even more in the future, 61 percent said they will do so because they feel apps can help them ‘manage and connect all the digital elements in their lives.’

To lower the number of fickle users, the study found app developers should implement more personalized app content and marketing messages, which can be targeted to specific behaviors, locations or user intentions.

For instance, 54 percent of respondents said they want an app to allow them to apply specific preferences to their experience, while 51 percent said they want an app to know the last action they took within the app, and to factor this action into the future content they see, or the future marketing messages they receive.

Localytics App Use Personalization

Thirty-six percent of users said they want apps to know their location, and take this into account when displaying content or sending marketing messages, while 35 percent said they want apps to know the last action they took in the real world (like making an in-store purchase), and use this to customize future content and marketing messages.

In a statement, Raj Aggarwal, CEO of Localytics, commented on the data:

What we heard loud and clear from this study is that people want their apps to know who they are, where they are and what they want to do, and they’re willing to exchange this personal data for a richer, more personalized experience. Apps need to be able to deliver on these expectations to combat the attention-challenged behaviors of today’s users, and to win—and keep—the hearts and minds of tomorrow’s mobile users.

Localytics’ full data is available here.

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