Study: 62 Percent of Newspapers Stories Written by Men

Men, men, men, men.

newspaper_stackAccording to a new study from the Women’s Media Center, the news media is one big dude fest [Editor’s note: I am one of said dudes]. Among the 10 most widely circulated newspapers, 62 percent of all stories were penned by men. Only 37 percent of articles were written by women.

The widest gender gap comes from none other than The New York Times, which had 68 percent of its articles written by men, compared to only 32 percent by women. The Denver Post had the exact same gap.

Following the Times was USA Today (67 percent by men, 33 percent by women); the New York Daily News (65, 32) and the New York Post (64, 36).

The only paper that has more female bylines than male bylines was The Chicago Sun-Times, with 45 percent of articles by men, 55 percent by women. Hey, at least it wasn’t a clean sweep.

(h/t: Poynter)