STUDY: Brand Newsrooms, Native Advertising Are ‘Overhyped’

Yeah, but what do they know?!

Shots fired at all public relations agencies that believe cross-pollinating work into the esoteric marketing world is doing clients any good.

In short, the latest study gleaned from 56 U.S. CMOs (CORRECTION: brought to you by The PR Council) shows that PR firms should basically stick with what brought them to the table—not marketing. 


Arguably, the three most significant areas of growth and interaction with PR firms, as it pertains to its clients, are:

1. Real-time marketing and outreach (owned media)

2. Native advertising (paid media)

3. Social media (shared media)

Ostensibly, these 56 CMOs believe everything outside of earned media—traditional PR, as they would define it—  should be left to ad agencies, marketing houses and social media specialists.

PR-vs.-AdvertisingWith the advent of what is now commonly known as PESO, offering an integrated approach for clients has become the way of the PR world. And with the success those PR agencies have experienced, this could come as a blow to some PR agency partners.


It’s easy to understand why CMOs would think that PR agencies—regardless of how holistic they strive to be—can’t do an iota of work in advertising that a big ad house can, or social media many digital companies can.

However, if The Holmes Report would survey 56 CEOs of national public relations organizations, you think the numbers will be significantly different?

The not-so-cryptic answer to this riddle of the Sphinx might be found in the vantage point.

Those involved in the evolving PR agency understand the intrinsic changes of services and offerings within public relations. And those running marketing agencies are of the belief that the precise set of skills used to understand the Ansoff Matrix and the 7 Ps of Marketing are only found within their particular and progressive walls.

Eh… who are we kidding?! Haters.

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