Study Claims 60 Percent Of Facebook Users Considering Quitting

A new study out from Sophos, an IT security firm, suggests that 60 percent of Facebook users are considering quitting. However it’s extremely questionable how the data from this study was collected. The poll was taken from 1,588 Facebook users, but it wasn’t a scientific study. So why did PCWorld decide to publish the story? Well, saying that 60 percent of users are quitting Facebook is sure to generate a ton of buzz!

While the volume of users searching for “delete Facebook account” on Google has surged in recent weeks due to the privacy backlash, the volume of users deleting their accounts is well below 60 percent of the Facebook user base. In fact, most people that we’ve spoken to have told us that despite the privacy issues, there’s pretty much no way that they’ll leave the site.

The primary reason is that all of their friends are still on the site. We even presented a perspective of why Facebook users may not care about privacy at all. While there are plenty of users who definitely care about Facebook privacy, the settings are still too complicated for the average user. That’s why Facebook is reportedly working on new privacy settings that will simplify the process.

While we’re sure that the number of users quitting Facebook has gone up in recent weeks, there’s no way that 60 percent of Facebook users are quitting anytime soon. Would you consider quitting Facebook given the current privacy concerns?