STUDY: Everyone Consumes So Much Media Now

Least surprising research EVER?

Here’s a very, very obvious study that we missed: researchers at ZenithOptimedia determined that, despite the painful decline of traditional media and digital properties’ struggles to stay relevant and profitable, people around the world will consume more “content” than ever before in 2015. And most of it will be mobile.

In fact, total media consumption will increase by 1.4 percent, which doesn’t sound like much but adds up to a whole lot of time when applied to the world’s population, which currently numbers around 7.3 billion people.

We came across the study–which has been covered elsewhere–thanks to the folks at MediaPost, who shared this graph:


A few takeaways here:

  • The average person will now spend more than half of his/her waking hours consuming some form of media
  • Despite the rise of online browsing that facilitated this change, people will continue to watch A LOT of TV
  • Everyone actually sees MORE outdoor advertising displays now than before, which implies that live events/stunts in public places will continue to be very effective ways to get attention
  • Citizens of the Asia Pacific region consume far less media than other regions of the world, but they’re quickly catching up

Not much in the way of surprises, but it’s worth revisiting the numbers.

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.
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