STUDY: Everything’s Coming Up Mobile


The fact that more people share, surf and shop on mobile devices today than ever before is hardly a revelation.

Yet we, as media fanatics, need to be on top of every trend–and a new white paper from the Mobile Marketing Association gets a bit more specific about the ongoing mobile takeover.

Some basic stats:

  • 47% of the world’s social networking occurs on mobile
  • By the end of 2013, there will be more mobile devices on the planet than people

And of course this leads directly to sales:

  • 33% of smartphone owners research products on their devices every week
  • 87% of those users either look for more info or make a purchase

…and the tools people use to buy things:

  • Visa predicts that 50% of all its transactions will be mobile by 2020

This means that the value of trust in a cyber security context will only continue to rise–and that the number of tech clients who handle mobile transactions will grow even faster.

Much of the paper relates to advertising, but this trend also means more creative, less traditional promo campaigns for our clients. Some examples:

  • The My Starbucks Rewards campaign, which proved not only that consumers like to interact with brands on mobile but that they’re OK with sharing information in the interest of personalization (the number of participants in the program nearly doubled in 2013)
  • Papa John’s “The Price Isn’t Always Right”, which used SEO terms to get mobile search customers to order more food (mobile revenue per click improved 48%)
  • The McDonald’s Restaurant Finder, which helped hungry users find the closest open spot, whatever the time of night or day (500,000 app downloads and 1.5M mobile site visits in less than 6 months)

Now ask yourself: What’s the best mobile-specific campaign you’ve worked on over the past year?

Next year you’ll have far more potential answers to that question.

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.