STUDY: iPad Owners Happier With Device Than Kindle Fire Owners

While 54% of Amazon Kindle owners are “very satisfied” with their devices, and another 38% are “somewhat satisfied,” iPad owners are much more satisfied. According to a new report from ChangeWave Research, 74% of iPad owners are “very satisfied” with their devices.

The report found that Kindle Fire owners are more likely to shop at Amazon. It found that 29% of these consumers plan to spend more money at Amazon over the next 90 days, compared to 19% of people who don’t own a Kindle Fire.

When asked what they liked about their Kindle Fires, owners had varying responses. A dominant 59% of owners liked the price, 31% liked the color screen and 27% liked the ease of use. When asked what they disliked about the tablet, 27% of owners said that they don’t like that there are no volume up and down buttons, 21% don’t like that it doesn’t have a camera and 15% said the battery life is too short.

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