STUDY: Kindle Fire Owners Likely To Buy iPad 3

According to a new study from, which interviewed technology users, more than 50 percent of Kindle Fire owners plan to buy the iPad 3.

International Business Times has more: “About 58 percent of those surveyed said they plan to upgrade thir current tablets, but 16 percent say the iPad 3 will be too expensive to buy, while 35 percent have not determined whether or not they will purchase one. And 74 percent said that the iPad is the ultimate tablet.”

The study also found that men are more interested in the new device than women, with 51 percent of men wanting to buy an iPad 3 versus 25 percent of women.

The iPad 3 is rumored to come out next month, and meanwhile rumors of the Kindle Fire 2 are circulating, which could have an influence on these numbers.

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