Study: Make A Good First Impression By Wearing a Name Brand Logo

Two researchers in the Netherlands have confirmed that we’re a world full of label whores.

In a study where participants were shown pictures of people wearing a shirt with a Lacoste label, a Tommy Hilfiger label, a lower-tiered Slazenger label, or no label at all, the people wearing the Lacoste and Hilfiger labels were perceived as higher status and wealthier than the people in the other photos.

Taking it a step further, participants were shown video of people wearing or not wearing a logo on their clothing during a job interview. The interviewees wearing the logo were seen as better candidates and would’ve gotten nine percent more pay.

“…People will willingly buy counterfeit goods, knowing they are knock-offs, if they bear the right label. What is interesting is that the label is so persuasive,” writes The Economist. “In the case of the peacock, the tail works precisely because it cannot be faked. An unhealthy bird’s feathers will never sparkle. But humans often fail to see beyond the superficial.”

Putting aside anything biological, the study does show the importance of a brand and explains all the fuss that’s made when a company introduces a new logo. For consumers, your brand stands for something, whether it’s quality, value, or social status. Maintaining a brand must also be important to you and your clients.

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