STUDY: Cause Marketing Creates Brand Loyalty Among Millennial Women

Today we have yet another study–this one from AOL of all places–to convince agency executives that the Millennial generation does not mark the end of polite society as we know it, no matter what ridiculous trend hit Twitter this week.

The purpose of the survey, titled “Beyond the Selfie” and developed to celebrate Women’s History Month, is to debunk certain stereotypes that many agency folk hold about the female members of this generation.

The most important number didn’t make the infographic:

That’s encouraging; more stats after the jump.

Despite the popular idea that Millennial women are “post-feminist”, they care more about women’s issues than their predecessors:

  • 53% of Millennials say “Yes I’m a feminist” compared to 37% of both Gen X’ers and Boomers

…and the same trend applies to their male counterparts:

  • 47% of male Millennials say “I’m a feminist guy” versus 43% of X’ers and 40% of Boomers

As the headline implies, they care more about social issues than previous generations: 82% of Millennials say “yes” on that one compared to 78% of the X’ers.

What does this mean? More cause marketing, of course.

In short, we can’t overstate the value of tying a brand to a social issue–so make the connection as clear and transparent as possible.

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.
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