Study: Most People Believe Fake News Is a Real Problem

That's a start.

PJ_2016.12.15_fake-news_0-01A new study from the Pew Research Center found that a majority of Americans consider the proliferation of fake news to be a serious issue. Donald Trump, presumably, was not among that group.

Pew’s report surveyed 1,002 adults from across the country. When asked how much of an impact fake news is having on current events, 64 percent said fabricated stories are causing “a great deal of confusion.”

Despite that feeling, an overwhelming majority of adults—85 percent—said they feel “very” or “somewhat confident” that they can recognize fake news.

As Pew notes, the study should be taken with a grain of sale because it’s “difficult to measure the precise extent to which people actually see news that has been completely fabricated.”

Still, the report does show that most adults recognize fake news as a real issue, and that’s a possible first step toward solving the problem.

(Image: Pew Research Center)