Study: Most People Believe Fake News

Everyone is dumb.

According to a study by Ipsos Public Affairs for BuzzFeed News, most Americans are morons when it comes to news. The report found that a whopping 75 percent of people believed fake news headlines when they saw them.

We know what you’re thinking: “Here comes the liberal media, bashing conservatives again!” However, you’re wrong!

The study explained that while yes, Republicans are more likely to be idiots, Democrats aren’t exactly a bunch of Einsteins. The results showed that roughly 84 percent of the time Republicans said fake news headlines were accurate. Dems didn’t fare much better, as 71 percent of the time they rated bullshit as truth.

Unsurprisingly, the Ipsos report found that Facebook played a major part in the fake news ecosystem. People who cited Facebook as a “major source of news” were more likely to view fake news headlines as accurate than those who said they use other platforms for news.