Study: Print Ad Revenues to Decline in 2010 as Web and TV See Improvement

Research group ZenithOptimedia predicts that print ad revenues will decline in 2010, even as the broader media industry faces a rosier outlook, according to a study published today over at paidContent.

ZenithOptimedia raised its 2010 forecast for worldwide ad spending growth to 2.2% from 0.9%, thanks mainly to the substantial growth it expects in television and Internet advertising. TV sales should grow 4.3% in the coming year, and Internet media buys should jump 13%, said ZenithOptimedia. Newspapers and magazines, meanwhile, face additional ad-revenue declines of about 4% each.

A pronounced decline in revenues amid an uptick for the broader media industry certainly wouldn’t offer much encouragement to print institutions. On the other hand, with many institutions diversified onto the Web, it’s hard to say that the study predicts print media’s imminent demise. We still may have to wait a decade or so to see that.

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