STUDY: Romney Is Most Popular Politician On Facebook

Former Governor Mitt Romney is the most popular politician on Facebook and other social media networks, according to a new study.

Facebook users like former Governor Mitt Romney more than President Barack Obama.

That’s the highlight of a new study by Colligent examining politicians’ presence on Facebook as well as Twitter and MySpace.

The results couldn’t come at a better time because the Republican presidential hopefuls are getting ready to kick-off another debate tonight from Orlando.

The Colligent methodology is unique in a couple of ways. First, the company goes beyond follower numbers, such as Newt Gingrich’s one million Twitter followers, and looks carefully at the overlap of relationships and networks among social media channels that provides a more rounded view of a politician’s social media brand.

Second, the firm measures a politician’s strength on social media against other brands with large followers or likes, such as musicians. As a result, some of the findings are startling.

2012 Presidential Race

Romney leads President Barack Obama in the intensity race among his Facebook likes.

According to Colligent, three percent of the social profiles measured show Romney with an intense but small base of politicos and insiders, as compared to President Obama’s broader base of support.

The Surging Candidate

That honor goes to former Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr., who sees a 59 percent increase in followers every two weeks

Most Social In the U.S. House of Representatives

Colligent also measured the sociability of state delegations in the House of Representatives. South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Washington and Maine are leading the pack.The least socially networked delegation in the House belongs to Idaho.

As for the most social congresspeople themselves, Representative Danny Rehberg (R-MT) helped lead Montana toward the top of the findings.

His fans’ number one advocacy group? The very right leaning Heritage Foundation.In the 2012 mid-term elections, 22 percent of online Americans used social networks to engage with a campaign.According to the study, more than 9 million or 3.19 percent of the social network profiles Colligent measures are fans of at least one politician, and more than 7.5 million are fans of at least one advocacy group or organization.

The complete study may be found here. Readers, how do your political affinities ompare with Colligent’s findings?

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