Study: Social Media Outreach to Hispanics is Lacking

-By Cynthia Dagenais

TeleNoticias and Latino Wire released their Hispanic Social Media Survey results, showing that despite the increased Hispanic population in the U.S., social media programs targeting this market are lagging behind.  And we don’t mean by a small fraction of a percent; less than half target this growing demographic.

Out of 202 responses collected on, 92 percent of those surveyed have social media programs, but only 45 percent have programs specifically targeting the Hispanic market, which was no surprise to David Henry, CEO of TeleNoticias.  He said the results are similar to what was predicted.

“Like other areas of Hispanic marketing, social media targeting Latinos is said to be important, but that importance doesn’t translate to actual work being conducted and dollars being spent,” he said.

Results also reveal that most companies do not have a defined annual plan for their social media programs at the beginning of the fiscal year, and most components are planned as the year goes on.

“Social media is still very much in the formative state at most companies and hasn’t yet become a part of the strategic communications plan,” said Tom Mulgrew, VP of Latino Wire.

Sixty percent of respondents also predict a budget bump for Hispanic social media outreach in the next fiscal year and 68 percent said they did outreach to Hispanic bloggers.