StumbleUpon Updates Android App; Includes Google+ Integration

StumbleUpon is actually one of the largest sources of referral traffic on the web.  I remember spending hours clicking the “Stumble” button and getting launched back and forth across the web like an Angry Bird.  The service has returned to relevance in recent years by introducing social features and re-emphasizing their simplicity — this came after a bit of feature creep as the product became a bit complex with forums for a while.  The StumbleUpon folks just updated their Android application and it has some nifty features.

One of those is the integration of NFC-enabled devices.  Users can now share their content with anybody in a close area by using the NFC.  This would translate to two people firing up the StumbleUpon application within range of one another and browsing each other’s favorites and links.

Other updates include the action bar at the bottom, which matches the Android interface; a resizable widget for the home page will lets people preview cool SU content without having to leave their home.

The new application also allows for users to share their links to Google+ and also enables users to sign in through Google.  This is pretty useful for Android users who enjoy the experience of having every available application signed in through their Google account.

Do you use the StumbleUpon app for Android or just use it on the web?