Styron eBook Cover from Open Road Says “Old People” and “1960s”

Open Road Integrated Media released the cover design for the eBook of William Styron’s Darkness Visible, and we asked you, eBookNewser readers, what you thought of the design. Overwhelmingly, you said this cover speaks to or for the past: 42 percent of respondents to our poll said the cover indicates that “this is an eBook for old people.” 30 percent though this art reminded them of book jackets from the 1960s.

Now, maybe our poll was a little skewed, and maybe Open Road isn’t marketing this particular title to the hipster crowd, but still–only 15 percent said the cover indicates a good eBook: that’s not what a publisher wants, is it?

Open Road, we’ve done some free market research for you–now it’s up to you to respond. Though how jazzed up should the cover of a book about depression be?