Success! WordPress 2 for iPhone Works with my Blogs

After initial success with an early release of WordPress for iPhone, I had nothing but problems with subsequent releases. Then, with the previous 1.3 release of the product I was able to use it with one of my personal blogs (TO-Tech) but not the other. The little iTunes Store oddity I noted yesterday…

New WordPress 2 for iPhone Release Demonstrates an iTunes Store Oddity

…gave me even more pause for thought and more hesitation in using the new release. It turned out that WordPress 2 is considered a completely separate product from the earlier 1.x releases. I deleted the older version from my iPhone to make sure I don’t accidentally use and test the wrong app.

Configuring the app to work with my second blog (MobileViews) went smoothly if somewhat slowly. It seemed to take forever before I saw that WordPress reported it has successfully authenicated with the blog’s underlying WordPress engine instead of the usual XML-RPC error I had become so used to seeing.

Next, I posted a text-only blog item successfully. The final test was to post a blog item that included a photo. So, I snapped a photo using my iPhone 3G while outside during my lunch break and tried to post it using WordPress 2 for iPhone. You can see from the web page segment displayed above, that the blog entry with both a photo and text posted to and appeared on my blog without any issues.

All I can say is, “phew!” It is great to be able to post little personal blog items using WordPress 2 for the iPhone.

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