SugarSync Adds Automatic Synchronization To Android

A new version of the SugarSync Android app that automatically synchronizes photos and other files is now available in the Android Market. If you use the Windows or OS X versions of SugarSync, files can automatically synchronize between the PCs and Android phones, and you can also access the files by accessing the web site.

As I have written in the past, I think Internet-based file storage is a must-have tool for smartphone and tablet users. Services like SugarSync and Dropbox provide a simple way to backup files and pictures on your phone, and make it very easy to transfer files between PCs and mobile devices. Dropbox is my preferred solution because it is built-in to the majority of the iPad apps that I use like GoodReader, but I have to admit SugarSync’s new automatic synchronization for Android has me giving it another serious look.

After you install SugarSync on your Android phone, you will want to go into the app’s settings and enable AutoSync Photos. With photos autosync enabled, every time you take a picture with your Android phone a copy of it is uploaded to your SugarSync account, from which you can then download it to any other PC. To upload a picture to Dropbox, you have to manually share the picture to your Dropbox account.

SugarSync also automatically synchronizes folder contents between a PC and mobile devices. If you have SugarSync on a PC, you can select which folders to synchronize with other computers and devices. In the the Android app you can select any PC set up for synchronize, and select any folders available to synchronize on that PC to the phone. After folder synchronize is set up, any changes that you make to a file on the PC are automatically synchronized to your Android phone.

You can sign up for SugarSync for a free account that provides 5 GB of storage. If you need more storage, you can purchase subscriptions ranging from 30 GB for $4.99 per month to 250 GB for $24.99 per month.