SugarSync Updates Their iOS and Android Apps

In June SugarSync released their web-based mobile management capability for iOS devices. With this capability one can use SugarSync to transfer files from any personal computer to an iOS device running the SugarSync app. SugarSync’s mobile device management capability is now available for Android devices thanks to a new update to the free Android app. The Android version of SugarSync also automatically sychronizes photos as well as specified folders on a device.

SugarSync has also released a new update to their iOS app that brings a handful of new features. You can now edit text files directly within the SugarSync app and have any changes you make automatically sync to all devices connected to SugarSync. The iOS app now has a new menu bar to quickly sort files, upload photos and videos, and create new folders and text files.

Of the Internet file storage services that I have written about in the past, SugarSync has instituted the most changes. It now has a capability similar to Dropbox’s that allows you to copy files to a folder, or what SugarSync calls the Magic Briefcase, and have that file copied to all devices connected to SugarSync. While Dropbox provides the ability drag, drop and synchronize files with multiple computers, it doesn’t include mobile devices in that capability.

SugarSync provides 5 GB of free storage and you can pay $49.99 per year, or $4.99 per month for 30 GB of storage. Higher amounts of storage can also be bought from SugarSync for yearly or monthly fees. The iOS and Android apps are free and available in the App Store and Android Market.

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