Sulzberger Discusses’s Forthcoming Metered Model

Speaking at an annual New York Times Co. shareholder meeting yesterday, NYT Co. chairman Arthur Sulzberger, Jr., shed some light on’s metered model, due early in 2011.

According to a report by The Business Insider, Sulzberger said the metered model is designed to diversify revenue stream by nudging users of the Times website to begin paying for content that is currently available for free. He also said, though, that he hopes the metered model will inspire an “emotional connection” between the news organization and its audience.

The Business Insider quotes Sulzberger:

At the core of our thinking is the necessity of increasing engagement. This is about having our users generally spend more of their valuable time with us, either on our site or on other sites that are integrating our content. It is about enhancing the emotional connection that our users have with us.

NYT Co. CEO Janet Robinson also provided the tiniest amount of additional color on the metered model:

We want to make sure that the meter, infrastructure, communication plans, e-commerce tactics and pricing options are all well designed and ready for successful implementation. We know the whole world is watching.

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